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What is organic agribusiness?

The concept of ORGANIC AGRICULTURE means agricultural production of healthy food in healthy and natural way. Basic components of the system of organic production are avoiding usage of artificial substances in production and promotion of exclusivelly natural substances which are used as fertilizers, pesticides or additives in production and food processing.

What are main advantages of organic agriculture?

Basic advantage of organic agriculture is in production of highly valuable healthy and safe food, which will become the source of health for people and for animals. We already know that many diseases of the modern manhood have their cause in inadequate nourishment and usage of polluted and spoiled food.
The second great advantage is preservation and protection of the environment, which provides clean land, waters and air for us and for our ancestors as well.
The third value is for the agricultural producers themselves because they ensure disposal of goods and higher prices for the same products in comparison with conventional agriculture.
The fourth value is for the state and it reflects upon the growth of agriculture and economy, so to say, in opening new business companies, entrepreneur stores, new work posts, increasing income per inhabitant, thus increasing life standard.

Why doing organic?

Reasons to convert from intensive to organic agribusiness, farmers find in next facts:
production of highly valuable healthy and safe food
preservation and protection of the environment
certain disposal of products
increasing demand for organic food
higher prices comparing to products from intensive agribusiness
inducing state measures
lower producing costs because of reducing usage of chemical means and artificial fertilizers
full usage of farming refuses and trash from farms, especially in integral farms

What is the aim of The Center?

The aim of The Center is promotion and development of organic agribusiness.

What are tasks of The Center and what activities does in order to achieve its aims?

In order to accomplish its goals The Center does the following:

Collects written, electronic and visual materials in relation with organic food and organic farming.
Organizes seminars, gatherings, and expert lectures connected with organic agriculture, on its own or in cooperation with some other organizations.
Publishes publications of informative, advizable and educational content, connected with organic agriculture and production, in accordance with the law.
Cooperates with universities, expert associations, and with other organizations in country and abroad, which are engaged in organic agriculture and organic food
Undertakes activities in the field of organized departures and sojourns, or so to say takes participation in seminars and assemblies dedicated to organic agriculture in country and abroad, which has as its purpose constant education of the members of The Center and constant knowledge improvement on the subject of organic agriculture, organic production and arganic food.
Maintains special cooperation with agricultural producers and other interested subjects, which is based on informing, counceling, educating those citizens about the facts regarding organic agriculture.

How to become a member of The Center?

Member of this Center can be any person who accepts goals of The Center and the Statute, as well as any person who is interested in improving its knowledge on the subject of organic agriculture and production.
Decision on admission into membership is made by the Board of directors.
Membership is gained by signing the application form.
Member can resign from this organisation by giving written statement on its resignation.
Membership ends if the member is not active for a longer period of time.
Decision on resignation from the organisation is made by Assembly, on the proposal of the Board of directors

What is vision of The Center?

The vision of this Center. We see the center for development of organic agriculture as a respectable organisation which would provide support to the development of organic agriculture in the district of Pomoravlje, and by means of cooperation with other, similar organisations, in Serbia as well.
The Center is planned to grow and develop, by increasing the number of its members, activists, projects, financial and geographical possibilities of performance, and all that in accordance with the needs and potentials of the District of Pomoravlje and Republic of Serbia.

What is mision of The Center?

The mission of this Center is to engage the members of the center, and at the same time to activelly involve the citizens, thus working on the development of organic agriculture (agriculture of healthy food in healthy and natural way) and operationalisation of this assignment through action of promotion.

How Center helps to farmers?

We see us as a main partner of farmers. We answer to all questions, search information for farmers, give instructions, inform and provide information especially about:
Organic agriculture standards
Grants, credits and other iducing means provided by Government of Republic of Serbia (Ministry of agriculture, forestry and waterpower) or some foreign organizations and federations
Requirements, conditions and documentation for obtaining this support
Market and disposal of goods

CDOA will make intensive efforts to provide visits of Serbian farmers to farms in Europe. Purpose of this project is to present ways of business of European farmers to farmers from Serbia. Aims of this project is exchange of experience and making cooperation.

What are chances of Serbia to develope organic agriculture?

Serbia has excellent conditions and potentials for development of agriculture and The District of Pomoravlje stands out as a very fertile and fruitful region. Thanks to its geographical position and natural and climate characteristics the District of Pomoravlje has all the necessary conditions for the development of all the branches of agriculture (such as husbandry-farming, fruit growing, wine growing, cattle breeding, beekeeping-apiculture, collecting medicinal herbs and wild fruit…). Special potential for development of organic agriculture is implied in fact that for years there was low or no application of chemical means, because of bad financial and economic situation of farmers.


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