The Center for Development of Organic Agriculture is non-profitable, non-party and non-govermental organisation. It has been established by some young, educated and creative people of different educational profiles (economists, managers, lawyers, biologists).

It has been established thanks to the initiative of its president, and based on actual problems and needs of the citizens of Republic of Serbia, which had been observed. First of all, The Center represents the initiative for engaging intellectual, financial, material and human resources on creation and realisation of this project for development of ecological consciousness, organic agriculture and enterpreneurship.
The vision of this Center. We see the center for development of organic agriculture as a respectable organisation which would provide support to the development of organic agriculture in Serbia.
The mission of this Center is to engage the members of the center, and at the same time to activelly involve the citizens, thus working on the development of organic agriculture (agriculture of healthy food in healthy and natural way) and operationalisation of this assignment through action of promotion.
The Center is planned to grow and develop, by increasing the number of its members, activists, projects, financial and geographical possibilities of performance, and all that in accordance with the needs and potentials of Republic of Serbia.

In order to achieve all these goals the Center especially does the following tasks:
Collects written, electronic and visual materials connected with organic food and organic farming;
Organizes seminars and expert lectures connected with organic agriculture, by itself or in cooperation with other organisations;
Publishes publications of informative, advisable and educational content-character connected with organic agriculture and production;
Collaborates with universities, expert associations and with other organisations in the country and abroad, which are connected with organic agriculture;
Organises study travells all over the country and abroad, with the purpose of permanent education of the members of The Center and constant improvement of the knowledge which is connected with organic agriculture, organic production and organic food;
Manages special collaboration with agricultural manufacturers and other citizens who are interested in this, cooperation which is based on informing, consultations and education of manufacturers and citizens about the facts regarding organic agriculture.


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